Spoil your Dad this Father’s Day with the perfect skincare gifts.

Father’s Day 2023 is just a few days away, and what better way to show your love and appreciation for your papa than by pampering him with the perfect skincare gifts? 

Surprise him with a great skincare pack that will make him feel special and rejuvenated. We have created gifts with prices starting from as little as €39.50 – there’s something for every budget. 

Let’s check out the amazing gift packs we knocked together for Father’s Day 2023:

Father’s Day Gift Pack A: Men Aqua Clean 125ml/Scrub 100ml/ Eye 15ml/ Hydra 50ml/ Keychain - €99.00

This comprehensive skincare pack is the ultimate gift for your dad. It includes Aqua Clean, a refreshing cleanser that removes impurities and leaves the skin feeling clean and invigorated. The Scrub exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells and revealing a fresh complexion. The Eye cream targets dark circles (contour) and puffiness, reducing the signs of fatigue. The Hydra moisturiser provides deep hydration, keeping the skin nourished and supple. In addition, a stylish Keychain is included as a bonus!

Father’s Day Gift Pack B: Men Force Revive 50ml/ Eyes Roll On 10ml/ Keychain - €73.50

For dads who need an extra boost of energy and vitality, this pack is the perfect choice. The Force Revive cream revitalises the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Eyes Roll On targets tired eyes, reducing puffiness and promoting a refreshed look. And, the Keychain adds a touch of style to the whole gift set.

Father’s Day Gift Pack C: Men Aqua Clean 125ml/ Finishave 50ml/ Keychain - €61.50

This pack combines two essential skincare products for a complete men grooming routine. The Aqua Clean cleanser removes dirt and excess oil from the skin, while the Finishave soothes and moisturises the skin after shaving. Your dad will have everything he needs for a fresh and polished look. A keychain is also included in this gift pack.

Father’s Day Gift Pack D: Men Shaving Cream 125ml/ Cool Scrub 100ml/ Keychain - €39.50

If your dad prefers a clean shave, this pack is a great option. The Shaving Cream provides a smooth and comfortable shave, while the Cool Scrub exfoliates and refreshes the skin. The Keychain adds a thoughtful touch that he can use every day.

Father’s Day Gift Pack E: Matis Men Pack - Men Age Moisturiser 50ml/ Reset Eyes 15ml €48.50

The Matis Men Pack is the ultimate skincare duo tailored specifically for men’s needs. It includes a Men Age Moisturiser and Reset Eyes cream. The Men Age Moisturiser is designed to combat signs of ageing, hydrating the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The Reset Eyes cream targets puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines around the eyes, leaving papa looking rejuvenated and well-rested. This gift pack is perfect for dads who appreciate high-quality skincare. This option offers the Reset Eyes practically free of charge, when bought as a duo together with the Men Age Moisturiser.

Father’s Day Gift Pack F: Medik8 - The Essential CSA Kit for men €119.90

Medik8’s Essential CSA Kit for Men is a comprehensive skincare set that covers all the bases. Ideal to achieve younger-looking, radiant skin through: vitamin C followed by Sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night. Start your dad’s journey to a youthful skin with The Essential CSA Kit. This kit is a complete skincare routine that will keep Dad’s skin healthy, nourished, and protected.

Father’s Day Gift Pack G: Yonka Gel Mousse/Age Defense/Lotion YK + Case €114.50

This gift pack is a luxurious treat for any father who values top-tier skincare. It includes the Gel Mousse Cleanser, which purifies and refreshes the skin, the Age Defense cream that fights against signs of ageing, and the alcohol-free Lotion YK, which tones and balances the skin’s pH level (it is also an aftershave spray that soothes, purifiers and softens the skin).

This trio of products works harmoniously to deliver a radiant and youthful complexion. Additionally, the elegant case adds a touch of sophistication to the gift.

Father’s Day Gift Pack H: Yonka Gel Mousse/Nutri Creme/Lotion YK + Case €111.20

For dads with drier skin types, the Yonka Gel Mousse/Nutri Creme/Lotion YK gift pack is the perfect choice. The Gel Mousse Cleanser gently cleanses without stripping the skin’s moisture, while the Nutri Creme provides deep hydration and nourishment. The Lotion YK completes the routine by toning and revitalising the skin. This gift pack offers a complete skincare experience that will leave Dad’s skin feeling replenished and healthy.

Spoil your dad with the perfect skincare gifts that will make him feel pampered and appreciated this Father’s Day!

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