Pigment Therapy: Winner of the Prix d’Excellence de la Beaute Marie Claire 2024

PIGMENT THERAPY (by Germain De Capuccini): Professional Treatment + Daily Home-care programme to treat dark spots.  

Pigment Therapy by Germaine De Capuccini has managed to be among the winners of the 38th Edition of the Prix d’ Excellence de la Beaute Marie Claire in which like every year, editors from the world of beauty choose the best cosmetics of the year.

PIGMENT THERAPY by Germaine De Capuccini is a comprehensive system that includes a professional treatment and a daily home-care programme. It is clinically proven to treat all types of dark spots and is effective on all skin types and tones.

After more than two years of research and development, a comprehensive aesthetic system has been created to reduces all types of dark spots/pigmentation, thanks to the synergistic combination of 18 active ingredients that ensure high effectiveness enhanced by the action of the patented nanoploymer HLG and combined with techniques and specific devices such as Mesoboost and Dermatech Pen36..

Pigment Therapy combines two therapies: Professional Treatment and Home treatment

The Home Treatment consists of a treatment duo: concentrate and cream. They are essential to progressively attenuate the intensity and size of the darkest hyperpigmentation, minimizing the appearance of recurring spots and maintaining and intensifying the results of the professional treatment done at the salon.

A multiple strategy aimed, on the one hand, at effectively correcting exisiting hyperpigmentation and on the other hand at stopping them preventing their appearance.

Treatment In The Salon– Expert Lab

The Expert Lab line integrates a system of treatments for professional use, facial and body with high dermatological effectiveness.

A complete range of cosmeceuticals with great scientific and therapeutic rigor in their formulation, which applied together with cutting ede techniques and protocols gives great and effective results

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to dark spots, PIGMENT THERAPY is the answer. With its clinically proven results and powerful depigmenting agents, you can effectively correct existing hyperpigmentation and prevent it from reappearing. Say goodbye to dark spots and hello to even, radiant skin with PIGMENT THERAPY from Germaine de Capuccini.

Germaine De Capuccini Pigment Therapy Home Pack Expert Lab -€123.55

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