Get ready for Summer with these 3 must-have products: sun protection, cellulite treatments and skin hydration

Summer 2023 is around the corner and temperatures are constantly rising. It’s time to gear up for the hottest months of the year. Get ready for sun-soaked beach and pool days and outdoor adventures. As we prepare for the warm Maltese summer months, there are three essential products that should be topping your Summer beauty arsenal, namely: sun protection, skin hydration and cellulite treatments. We will explore why and how these products are key for your Summer 2023 routine.

Sun Protection

Protect your skin from sun damage. The harmful UV rays lead to sunburn, premature aging and in some instances even skin cancer. It is crucial to shield your skin from the scorching sun during summer. Opt for sunscreen with a high SPF (sun protection factor). Usually 30+ will offer good protection from UVA/B rays. Apply to your face, neck, arms and legs (and other exposed areas of your body). Sunscreen should never be applied solely once in the morning. Reapply during the day, say, every two hours, especially if you are spending hours on hours outdoors. Also, reapply after swimming as that can reduce the effectiveness of sunscreen.

Cellulite and Firming Treatments

Achieve smooth and firm skin with top of the range firming treatment creams. These products are designed to help improve the appearance of cellulite by tightening and firming the skin. The formula in these products works concurrently on three levels – firming, cellulite reduction and smoothing. The ingredients help prevent flabbiness of the skin, restoring firmness and elasticity while fighting symptoms of cellulite (and preventing recurrence of cellulite!) and finally exfoliate the outer skin layer, correcting imperfections and providing excellent moisturisation. The condition and appearance of the skin will be smoothened and improved. Professional body treatments and massages also assist in reducing the visibility of cellulite, consult your beautician, for the recommended treatment such as Parafango therapy, and lymphatic drainage massage.

Skin Hydration

Summer’s high temperatures often cause dehydration, leading to dry and flaky skin. To avoid having dull skin it is always advisable to first and foremost drink plenty of water. To have glowing skin aim for a minimum of eight big glasses of water a day to replenish your body. Hydrating skincare products and face mists are also recommended to maintain optimal skin hydration. Products rich in hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramides, help retain moisture in the skin. Face mists provide an instant burst of moisture when you spray on your face.

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