25 Years of Excellence: Celebrating Germaine De Capuccini in Style this May!

During May we raised a toast to Germaine De Capuccini, one of the world’s top skincare brands that has been transforming beauty routines for decades. A remarkable twenty-five years in Malta! The brand is built on three pillars, namely innovation, quality and the art of pampering.

Since its inception, in 1964, Germaine De Capuccini has been totally dedicated to providing exceptional skincare solutions based on natural ingredients and science. The spanish brand, founded by Carmen Vidal, is nowadays a global phenomenon with a worldwide footprint. The success of their products is underpinned by constant research and innovation. The brand managed to strike an important balance between science and nature, combining the latest skincare technology advancements with natural ingredients, ensuring a range of products that is effective, safe and eco-friendly.

Sustainability Commitment

In this day and age whereby sustainability is of utmost importance, Germaine De Capuccini has taken significant steps to minimise their environmental impact and global carbon footprint. This is evidenced through their manufacturing processes, and recyclable packaging whenever possible. This goes to demonstrate their relentless dedication for a better planet!

We at Beauty Culture Group are extremely honoured to be the exclusive representative of Germaine De Capuccini in the Maltese Islands as we align ourselves with a brand that embodies excellence, innovation, and a commitment to delivering exceptional skin care experiences. We believe that the Maltese Islands deserve nothing but the best brands and products.


To mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of Germaine De Capuccini in Malta and Gozo, Beauty Culture Group celebrated in style in Valletta with a select number of skin care professionals. In addition to the anniversary celebration, awards were presented to the best beauticians in recognition of their excellent work and dedication. The event, which was held on the 8th May 2023 at Domus Zamitello Palace, was also an opportunity to present some of our new product lines such as Timexpert Hydraluronic line and Timexpert Sun line.

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